Extending the hand of friendship to those who come to live in Tees Valley.

Unfortunately this project is currently paused whilst we await further funding, please contact our Teesside team to get the latest updates.

Friends without Borders is a unique project run by IPC on Teesside, bringing social opportunities and friendship to refugees and those seeking asylum. The aim of the project is simple: to match a refugee or person seeking asylum with someone living locally who can commit to meeting up and getting to know each other over a three-month period (and hopefully longer). This might involve a weekly chat by phone, or meeting to explore the area and share cultural experiences. The difference this can make in reducing the sense of isolation that affects so many who come to the UK only to be caught up in the bureaucracy of asylum applications is very real. To find out more, please read the Befrienders’ Guide. To take part as a Befriender, or to refer a Refugee Friend, please follow the links below to the online forms.


“We seem to be developing a comfortable friendship as she is easy to get on with and has a lovely sense of humour”
“We've met up, we've played football, played pool, and gone for Kurdish food in a restaurant. Next time we're planning to go to Redcar to the beach”
“He invited me to have lunch in his house last month, which was very nice of him. It’s been really interesting to hear about how him and his family have been coping since their arrival just over a year ago”

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