Our aim is to ensure that everyone who comes to Teesside and Tyneside as a refugee or seeking asylum has the opportunity to envisage their future in the North East. We are committed to helping every individual find a welcome and a true home within our wider community. Our key areas of focus: ​ Employment, Education and Training We deliver employability services and opportunities for learning that build on existing skills and talents, and assist in adjusting to life within a new country. Cultural Integration We organise and facilitate social and cultural events that promote cross-cultural integration. Many of our programmes bring people together through shared activities such as befriending, sport and gardening. Health and Wellbeing Our projects are designed to support physical and mental wellbeing. We design programmes with the NHS ‘5 steps to Wellbeing’ in mind: CONNECT, BE ACTIVE, TAKE NOTICE, LEARN and GIVE. Awareness Raising We advocate for refugees and new communities, providing services and information that help people engage in life in the UK. We also help service providers adapt their services to the needs of these communities.